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Mission Statement

Chalet Workers is an email discussion chalet for current Staff members. It exists for the betterment of the Cybershelter ministry It is a private place where the Staff may discuss issues and ideas of importance to us all.  It is also a place where others are welcome to send messages if there is something that should be brought to the attention of the entire Staff instead of one or more individual Staff members alone.  The messages sent to this list may have been initiated because of a problem on one of the other lists. It may be because someone might have some ideas for this ministry that they would like to share.

In any case, the door is open, and anyone who sends a message can always be assured that the content of that message will be kept in strictest confidence, and that you will receive a personal reply from one of the Staff members. 

Staff in Residence: All Current Staff. Use the links below for brief profiles for each.

L.G. Parkhurst
Melody Monte *
Allan L. Winger
Pat Finch *
Graham Weeks
Donna Newton
Ron Kohlin *
Rosana Mawson
* Being Updated

To send email to Chalet Workers, write to the following address:

In the Lamb,
Staff Member

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