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Chalet Eagle is a website ministries chalet, founded in 2001 as the second website affiliated with Cybershelter, which was the first website developed and which is also housed on the same internet server. The undersigned was taken in as a student at Chalet Bethany of Swiss L'Abri in May of 1978. As such it is as much as possible a cyberspace version of a chalet like those that took in students back then. However, the orientation of Chalet Eagle is more than that. What would happen if someone took the transferrable concepts that were taught in truth and in practice by the Schaeffers and the staff of the L'Abri ministry and went a step further? What would happen if a commitment was made to adopt those concepts into the everyday life of what is one very small part of what Dr. Schaeffer called The Extended L'Abri Family? What would happen then as this very small group developed into both a home and a family in the real world and a home and a family in the virtual world - cyberspace?  That is Chalet Eagle and God is not done with us yet :-)

There is the Present & Past section of the chalet that is definitely geared toward our personal family in the now sense as well as the family history aspects of our lives. Then there is the Ongoing Vocations section of the chalet. This area basically gets into the overall question of "Who Is My Neighbor?" and how we as a home and family speak historic Christianity into the 21st century. In doing that, one of the resources that the chalet maintains is our own version of a Schaeffer Family Library with many things that may be helpful to others. Chalet Eagle, as of 2006, became part of the internet blogging world. That voice has been silent for a while but will be starting up again very soon with various subjects of interest. Since becoming a Vocational Careers Family in May of 2013 it has also been brought to our attention that we should be more active as a Military Veteran Family which in part includes helping others with researching their family history. Being a Cemetery Walker Family includes that vocation in part as well as in helping community groups with cemetery research. This chalet has also become more of a Multi-Church Family. Originally begun out of a loving family necessity (Korean and English speaking family) the cross-cultural education process has been expanded as a more active part of the Who Is My Neighbor? transferrable concept. There are still no plans to have a separate email discussion list in Cybershelter. Instead the Chalet Eagle family will continue to participate primarily in the CyberChalet and Chalet Kuyper discussion lists for important issues of the day as well as participating in the very important Prayer List that comes out weekly.

Staff Member In Residence: Allan L. Winger

To visit the Chalet Eagle Ministries website, and learn more about those things mentioned above, please refer to the main home page.

Looking forward to your visit or email :-)

Cybershelter & Chalet Eagle
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