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Welcome to an Internet Fellowship dedicated to the spirit and work of Francis and Edith Schaeffer.  Your Hosts in this Cybershelter strive to practice the Mark of the Christian as we seek to demonstrate the reality of God by our life and work. You are invited to familiarize yourself with the following information prior to going to other areas in the web site:


This website is one example of what a virtual reality version of Swiss L'Abri could look like. The names here have been changed so that we are not misunderstood as being connected to the real Swiss L'Abri. The picture on the Cybershelter Home Page is of the village of Huemoz, Switzerland, circa 1978, taken by Allan. The village is where the original Swiss L'Abri is still located and still includes several properties. Our village in cyberspace has the following:

Our CyberChalet is like the original Chalet Les Melezes. It is where through an email discussion list our minstry was founded like the Schaeffers first founded their ministry in 1955 by inviting others into their chalet. We do the same. The picture at our chalet's home page is of Chalet les Melezes, circa 1978, taken by Allan.

Our Chalet Kuyper is an email discussion list born out of a need to discuss politics but in a civil manner, separate from other discussions, so that we could better honor the standard taught to us in Dr. Schaeffer's Mark of the Christian.  It is named after Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) who was an  influenced in Dr. Schaeffer's life and how he viewed the integration of Christianity with politics and other social pursuits. The portrait of Kuyper at the chalet's home page was furnished by Graham along with a resource page for learning more about Kuyper himself.

Our Chalet Workers is an email discussion list where we as the staff of Cybershelter may discuss things in private with the overall goal of serving those who come to our ministry in the best way possible. The picture at the chalet's home page is of Chalet le Chardonnet, which was the home of the Schaeffers, circa 1978, and was taken by Allan.

Our Chalet Eagle is a second website developed by Allan in the spirit of Chalet Bethany where he was a student in 1978. It is an example of what can be done in cyberspace as an affiliate of a larger ministry (Cybershelter), as an example of a personal testimony to a watching world, and as an  example of an organizational tool for managing various family and individual vocations . The picture of the Eagle was furnished by Allan and is the overall symbol, along with the motto Ever Vigilant, for the vocational work in which Allan and his family are currently involved and why.

Our Schaeffer House is an example of what a virtual reality version of the Study Center in Farel House could look like. It is like the Study Center in that instead of having hard copy writings and various types of electronic media, has electronic files of various writings and links to various types of media located in other places on the internet separate from Cybershelter.  The picture at the home page is of Farel House, circa 1978, taken by Allan.

Current Staff

At the Chalet Workers home page on this website you will also find a list of current staff members with links to a brief bio page for each one.


Some of the important events in the lives of the Schaeffers and of this ministry are
listed in chronological order along with biographical narrative as necessary on our History Page.

"A New Adventure" by L.G. Parkhurst, Jr: An example from the History pages, marking the beginning of Cybershelter on 14 Feb 2000, from the original concept email discussion list leader and owner who is still (we love ya L.G. more than you know) the Senior Staff Member in Cybershelter.


The mission of Cybershelter includes conducting online a ministry similar to that of a branch of L'Abri, even though we have no official relationship with L'Abri Fellowship for example. This ministry is part of what Dr. Schaeffer identified himself as The Extended L'Abri Family and as such is independent of any other ministry that might be Schaeffer Family or L'Abri related.

If you would like more information from Schaeffer Family or L'Abri related websites, please use the Courtesy Links in our Schaeffer House described above. They include, among others, a link to the official L'Abri Fellowship website which has a very well done online presence and network with excellent resources available to anyone who visits them. We strongly recommend using that link as well as the others provided.

Please send any corrections, suggestions, or comments concerning this website to the undersigned at the email address provided.  We are looking forward to your participation in our ministry :-)

Allan L. Winger
Staff Member and Website Manager

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