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Mission Statement

Schaeffer House  is a website research center chalet in Cybershelter.  It is an example of what a virtual reality version of the Study Center in Farel House could look like. It is similar to the Study Center in that instead of having hard copy writings and various types of electronic media, it has electronic files of various writings and links to various types of media recommended for study in other places on the internet, separate from Cybershelter.  The large picture above is of Farel House, circa 1978, taken by Allan. The smaller picture is of Francis and Edith Schaeffer that was furnished by Allan from the public domain.

Staff Member In Residence: One or more of the Current Staff. This especially includes  those who have provided material here as use for research.

Access to what is available at Schaeffer House begins at the Catalogue. We pray that your time here will be well rewarded :-)

Allan L. Winger
Staff Member

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