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Materials and links recommended by Cybershelter have been in large part provided from the Current Staff.  Each Staff Member listed below monitors and edits their own contribution. Therefore there is only the single link for each Staff Member that will take you to where they personally have their recommended resources or links.  If there is discussion needed for something that you are researching, please write an email to the person's address provided or to one of the email discussion lists in Cybershelter.  They are CyberChalet (main list) or Chalet Kuyper (for politics).

We have also provided several Courtesy Links below that are to websites also recommended as being basic to research about the Schaeffers and L'Abri and for many honest answers for honest questions that may arise in that research.

From Staff Member L. G. Parkhurst: The CyberShelter Recommends These Resources
You may contact him by writing to

From Staff Member Allan L. Winger: The Schaeffer Family Library At Chalet Eagle
You may contact him by writing to

From Staff Member Graham Weeks: Chalet Kuyper Resources In Cybershelter
You may contact him by writing to

From Staff Member Donna Newton: The Absolute Limits of Christianity  This is an excellent word diagram for the CD available by Francis Schaeffer, or the free download of the actual lecture, or for just free listening of the actual lecture, all by the same name. Donna's work is currently located in the Special Resources section of The Schaeffer Family Library At Chalet Eagle. You may contact her by writing to

Courtesy Links

The Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation: The Gryon, Switzerland based ministry founded in her latter years by Edith Schaeffer and her third daughter and son-in-law, Deborah and Udo Middelmann. They minister to students in the summer months much like the original L'Abri.  Udo is an excellent writer and lecturer in his own right. He is also an excellent "What Are Your Questions?" ministry person just like his father-in-law Francis Schaeffer. Many of the resources that he has developed are on this website along with the other ministries they are involved in when not in Gryon.
(Link furnished by Staff Member Ron Kohlin)

The Schaeffer Collection At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: The Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation is still the owner of the Schaeffer Collection, the voluminous hard copy collection of papers and correspondence of Dr. Schaeffer including his personal Bible. But as of 14 Sep 2010 thi seminary became the custodians of the collection and will inventory and digitize the collection for availability to others for research. (Link furnished by Staff Member Allan L. Winger)

L'Abri Fellowship: The current main home page for the actual ministry that was originally founded by the Schaeffers which now has branches all over the world. (Link furnished by Staff Member Allan L. Winger)

L'Abri Ideas Library: An excellent multi-subject resource website that is currently linked to the LAbri Fellowship web pages.  This includes free downloads (donation appreciated) of many of the lectures by the Schaeffers and others. (Link furnished by Staff Member Ron Kohlin)

L'Abri Fellowship at Sound Word: The compact disc ministry for everything L'Abri Fellowship, especially the Schaeffers. (Link furnished by Staff Member Allan L. Winger)

Francis and Edith Schaeffer Papers (1968-1999) at Wheaton College Archives: Great resource for just listening to many of the major lectures by the Schaeffers used by permission from the L'Abri Ideas Library. Once on the web page click on the On Line Images/Records link for an expanded menu of what is available for listening only. (Link furnished by Staff Member Allan L. Winger)

Francis Schaeffer Studies: Great resource for study of the works of Francis (and) Edith Schaeffer.
(Link furnished by Staff Member Ron Kohlin)

Note: More Courtesy Links will be added here as they are identified and reviewed for recommendation.  If you have a recommendation of your own, please send it in to one of the Current Staff for our review.  Thank you in advance :-)

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