Purpose: This particular table of contents is for the major subjects as identified below. As each one develops the contents will expand to include the next level under each. When that second level needs a third level then a separate web page will be provided to show the detail involved. In this way the web pages will be kept to the size needed to also have a hard-copy backup in  three ring binders for the Chalet Eagle website.

A. Who Is My Neighbor?
        1. In Maddie's World: And the Peaceable Kingdom of God Is Also Like...?
B. An Extended L'Abri Family

1. Cybershelter: An Ongoing Internet Ministry, structured in part like the original Swiss L'Abri, only with email discussion lists and websites instead.  The link provided leads to the  main website which provides more information. (Not part of the actual L'Abri ministry)
2. The Schaeffer Family Library: An online resource center for those who seek honest answers to honest questions in the spirit of the Schaeffers and L'Abri. It is just a very small part of what is still developing through the thousands of those that have been called by Dr. Schaeffer, The Extended L'Abri Family.
C. A Military Veteran Family
1. Always Something To Do: The duties that Allan currently performs as a member of a local veterans organization.
2. VFW 6393 Website: In development & not approved - an UNofficial trial home page available only. See Allan for further information.
D. A Cemetery Walker Family (things to come)
          1. Family History 101: A Needed Foundational Block For Building A Good Home
          2. Family History 201: Honoring Veterans Through Family History Research
          3. Family History 301: The Bucks County Quakers - Research As A Passionate Adventure
E. An Internet Blogging Family - Blogs From The Past That Are Waking Up Again
4. Other Blogs We Recommend: see the sidebar menu for each of the blogs above.

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