Purpose: This particular table of contents is for the major subjects as identified below. As each one develops the contents will expand to include the next level under each. When that second level needs a third level then a separate web page will be provided to show the detail involved. In this way the web pages will be kept to the size needed to also have a hard-copy backup in three ring binders for the Chalet Eagle website.

A. The Chalet Eagle Family
1. Our Family - Version 2007 - The Past
2. Our Family - Version 2015 - The Present
3. A Multi - Church Family
B. The Family Genealogy
1. The Chalet Eagle Family History Project: An example of how a family tree can be developed for six siblings that were born into three families from four different bloodlines.
2. The Chalet Eagle Extended Family History Project:
C. A Career Military Family
1. Chalet Eagle In Vietnam: A website made by Allan in dedication to those who served in his Vietnam military unit. A link to Allan's personal story can be found on the Our Stories index page of the website.
D. A Career University  Family (things to come)
E. A
Career Vocational  Family (things to come)

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