PART FOUR: The Answer Revisited

(In the original paper I then wrote something about each of the six things that Dr. Schaeffer instructed me to do. Since the writing of the original paper a Masters Thesis was written entitled Transferable Concepts From L'Abri. I had much help in writing that thesis, including help with the grammar and the overall content of each part. Therefore, where I have written something in the thesis about one of the six things, I have provided a link to that part in the thesis instead.)

First, the last chapter of Death In The City.

Second, True Spirituality (or Christian Life Forms).

Third, The Intellectual, (Proof) and Faith.

Over a five year period (1996-2000) a separate study of this taped lecture by Dr. Schaeffer was conducted during our annual summer vacation with my aging mother at Cattaraugus Christian Camp in western New York State. That study resulted in a written outline. It became obvious that what was written in summary for this was not a true picture of what the lecture was about. At a later date a proper summary will be written and the paper will be updated. The outline is therefore what you will find at the link listed above.

Fourth, The Mark of The Christian.

Fifth, Reading the Whole Bible.

This was done at least three times before I graduated from the undergraduate program of Philadelphia College of Bible, now Philadelphia Bibilical University PBU, in May of 1995. That is the general requirement of the Bible courses. Now a fourth reading is in progress.  Also required for graduation at PBU was a personal Doctrinal Statement. I think Dr. Schaeffer would agree that in my circumstances as a Biblical university student and then graduate that the Doctrinal Statement would be a logical result of reading the whole Bible. That link will be provided here once that Doctrinal Statement is transferred from personal files to this web site.

Sixth, Not "Proof -Texting" Everything.

This comes with age and experience. As one gets older and experiences the many inconsistencies of life, that person learns how to bend without being bent. If one does not learn that, they are broken. I have learned much in this area but I am still learning.


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